Jul. 8, 2017

Zionist Caused the Holocaust to Create Rothschild's Nation: Israel

Hitler joined his National Socialist Party with the Zionists Party, to form the NAZI Party.
There was a great schism between Jews, those who wanted to wait for the Jewish Messiah to appear before forming a Jewish nation, and Rothschild Zionists who wanted to create their own nation, immediately. In 1928, Rothschild founded Reform Judaism, to obtain a Jewish state.
Hitler put Zionists Jews in charge of the concentration camps to exterminate and punish the non-Zionist Jews.
The world's sympathy for Jews exterminated in the concentration camps (by Zionist Jews, not Germans), allowed the implementation of the Balfour Declaration. Rothschild named his country, the State of Israel, as a way to deceive and confuse the world.
Frequently, Rothschild's minions will threaten the critics of the State of Israel, the God of Abraham said, I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you. This is the same tactic used by Ezra in threatening King Cyrus that the God of Abraham would kill his first-born son, as He had the Pharaoh's son, if he didn't let him take the Jews back to Jerusalem, with gold from the Persian treasury. Cyrus even decreed that any Jew that didn't go would be put to death, or jailed and all his property taken from him. (The Jews had a happy life in Babylon, were able to build synagogues; they didn't want to leave. Cyrus also decreed that the Jews must obey Ezra, who came up with a new religion, the Talmud. The man-made laws that Jesus criticized.
The State of Israel has asked the Iranian Jews to move back to Israel, but they said, No, we have a good life in Iran.)
Frequently, you will hear Netanyahu refer to the great suffering of the Jewish Holocaust, although the Zionist Jews also exterminated 3 million Christians, gypsies, and political enemies of Hitler.
Rothschild chose the name Israel for his state, and all pastors claim that the State of Israel is the Biblical Jacob-Israel's twelve sons/tribes, descendants of Noah's son, Sem. All pastors demand that the U.S. must support the State of Israel, or the U.S. will feel the wrath of God.
However, there were ten other tribes of Israelites that were scattered, not exterminated. The Rothschilds have stolen their identity, or dismissed their existence.
Biblical reference makes clear that Noah and Sem were White, as well as King David. A letter written by Pontius Pilate, now in the U.S. Library of Congress, describes Jesus to be White, with blonde hair and blue eyes. It is, thus, assumed that the White people of the world are the Semites, the Israelites, regathered in U.S.A. The God of Abraham blessed Americans while they worshipped Him, but our culture has been changed through the media, largely owned by Zionist Jews. It is because Americans were seduced away from the God of Abraham that He will punish the U.S.
Furthermore, Rothschilds are self-proclaimed Ashkenazi Jews, descended from Noah's son, Japheth. The Zionist Jews claim that the Temple Mount is the location of the First and Second Temples. They refuse to accept the scholarly study that puts their location south of the Temple Mount, south of the Roman Fortress Antonio.
Now, a Rabbi is citing King Cyrus' response in giving gold to Ezra, and asking President Trump and President Putin to build the Third Temple on the Temple Mount, a mount that Israelites had no historical tie to. The Western Wall is the support structure for the Roman Fortress. The Rothschilds are rewriting history.
Jesus was crucified on Golgatha, the mount of the skull, outside the City of Jerusalem/gates of the Fortress, where Abraham had taken Isaac to sacrifice to God. God's angel stopped him, and instead, God sacrificed His son on that same Golgatha. It is under Golgatha that the Ark of the Covenant remains to this day. Upon His death, there was an earthquake, splitting the rock, through which the blood of Jesus ran, to pool onto the Mercy Seat of the Ark. (see Ron Wyatt Discoveries on YouTube.)
Rothschild's intent is that the State of Israel will rule the world. Every war has been about instituting a Rothschild central bank, to enslave the people of the world through debt. The only countries that do not have a central bank are Syria, No. Korea, and Iran.