Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

May. 7, 2017

Albert Pike said, there was always going to be three world wars, "Taking advantage of the differences caused by the 'Agentur' of the 'Illuminati' between political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic world," is the goal.
The Hidden Hand is: The Pentagon, CIA, ISIS, and AlQaeda. McCain is pictured with al Baghdadi, the Mossad agent who heads ISIS. Some say he is Elliot Shimon, or Shimon Elliot, an Israeli Jew.
Adam Pearlman was the former head of the Rothschild-created ADL (Anti-Defamation League).
NATO is planned to be the world army.
Problem, Reaction, Solution> They created the horror so people of the world will go along with what they want to do.
HAARP is changing the atmosphere. The energy field is changing, causing fish and manuals to beach themselves. Chem Trails help change the energy field frequency.
DARPA is creating transhumanism technology to reduce human capacity to think. It will require implanting microchips into humans. OBAMACARE HAS FORCED MICROCHIP IMPLANTS, RYANCARE ALSO CONTAINED IT. LOOK TO SEE IF TRUMPCARE HAS CONTINUED IT.
The 1033 System allows local police to buy military surplus equipment, i.e., Apache helicopters, to control local population. Police can shut off all cellphones remotely. Good cops are being replaced by psychopaths.

May. 4, 2017

Snowflakes are unarmed or those buying guns don't have the necessary skill. Soros is unattainable. Go for those in Soros' organizations that are making the reservations for busing the communists, paying the rioters. Without those middle Soros-funded people, the rioters are helpless.

Apr. 29, 2017

24 hours after the 9/11 attack, 24 Mossad were arrested; Pakistani intelligence was also involved in carrying out what the US Govt. created and facilitated.

Apr. 29, 2017

The presidents are not in control, they are the managers for the criminal banking cartel. The DOJ is, also, controlled by the banking cartel. Congress carries out orders from the banking cartel. Congress only fears the well-armed angry American people.
In the next financial meltdown, commercial bank accounts of small business, 250+K, will be taken. These accounts are unsecured that can be taken by the secured holder of the commercial bank's assets, your account.