Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

Jun. 1, 2017

The Jews who destroyed American culture: Felix Weil, Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse, Max Horkheimer, Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno, George Lukacs, Claude Levi-Strauss, and Jurgen Habermas. All of whom fled Hitler's Germany and its Holocaust.
Marcuse created the term, "Make love, not war." He preached sexual perversity, have sex with anything!
Marcuse also created the philosophies of Critical Theory, Repressive Tolerance, and Multiculturalism to tear apart American values and capitalism, one segment at a time. The tyranny of minorities would be used to shut up opponents by using Political Correctness.

May. 4, 2017

Snowflakes are unarmed or those buying guns don't have the necessary skill. Soros is unattainable. Go for those in Soros' organizations that are making the reservations for busing the communists, paying the rioters. Without those middle Soros-funded people, the rioters are helpless.

Apr. 29, 2017

24 hours after the 9/11 attack, 24 Mossad were arrested; Pakistani intelligence was also involved in carrying out what the US Govt. created and facilitated.

Apr. 29, 2017

The presidents are not in control, they are the managers for the criminal banking cartel. The DOJ is, also, controlled by the banking cartel. Congress carries out orders from the banking cartel. Congress only fears the well-armed angry American people.
In the next financial meltdown, commercial bank accounts of small business, 250+K, will be taken. These accounts are unsecured that can be taken by the secured holder of the commercial bank's assets, your account.