Jan. 20, 2016

U.S. Govt. Assists the Invasion of Southern Border

For the first time, Border Patrol, HHS, DHS, CDC are working together to bring into U.S. invited Central American children, many of whom carried Swine Flu that caused life-long Type 1 diabetes in 500 American children, or death.
The U.S. Govt. published an invitation in Central American newspapers for children to come to America as a cover for invasion. This is called asymmetric warfare.
Border agents were taken off border patrol to assist the children, change diapers. At the same time, border agents were prevented from practicing shooting, were forbidden to use ammo, ammo was withheld for 15 months.
Asymmetric warfare: 1. Compromise U.S. defenses against invasion. 2. Enemy has to have personnel inside U.S. to get to infrastructure as hospitals, power grids, schools, refineries, dams, reservoirs, etc.
While the border agents are tied up with the children, no one notices that the enemy in moving into the U.S. biological weapons, dirty bombs, chemical weapons, drugs, & personnel.
This can only be done with the assistance of the Obama administration.
On May 20, 2014, Obama seized 500,000 acres of New Mexico land, under the Antiquites Act, along the border. Besides keeping out the public, Obama then prohibited the Border Patrol from entering this land to patrol for illegal aliens invading. This allows encampment of a foreign military and staging area for attack on the U.S. The children were brought into the U.S. in June 2014, one month after taking the 500K acres of land - asymmetric warfare.