Jan. 20, 2016

Muslims Replacing Europeans In Their Own Countries

Muslim refugee stated: "If disbelievers want to push us back maybe they can start to marry four wives and have a lot of children; start with that, maybe they will have a chance, but I don't think so."
Merkel said, "I think this is an important signal for all of you (Germans) that already, as President Wulff said, 'Islam belongs to Germany.'"
In Rotherham, England, it was reported that in the last 16 years, 1400 White English children have been raped, trafficked, beaten, and sometimes doused in petro (and set a fire), by Muslims of Pakistani heritage.
At the UN, one English representative stated, "Since then, an uholy alliance of leftists, capitalists, and Zionist supremacists has schemed to promote immigration and miscegenation (breeding between races), with the deliberate aim of breeding us (White Englishmen) out of existence in our own homelands."