Aug. 6, 2016

Anonymous Alert! Martial Law and FEMA 2016

Soros has funded the race war between Blacks and Whites. Obama is bringing tens of thousands of Middle East refugees who have raped their way across Europe. ISIS announced that they will enter U.S. through the refugee program. They will be given driver licenses, food stamps, healthcare, education, housing and cash. There are 22 Muslim Brotherhood Paramilitary Training Camps across the U.S., located near power grids, reservoirs, dams, readying themselves to attack the U.S. The State Dept. has for decades refused to label these camps as terror groups, thus, the FBI cannot touch them. The FBI additionally reports 5000 terror cells throughout the 50 states.
Barbara Spectre, Abbot Stein, David Goldberg have openly called for the extermination of the White race. All three say that the Jews should not interbreed, but remain a "pure" race, which is not White. Pope Francis has openly called for the interbreeding of Middle Eastern Muslim refugees in Europe with the White race Europeans.