Oct. 21, 2017

Deep Underground Military Bases - Aliens 7’ Tall - Supersonic Trains

Aliens want the adrenal glands of people, they’re like cocaine to them. The NWO and alien agendas are one and the same.
The US now has hypersonic aircraft that fly at mock 5. The US no longer use laser beam weapons; they now have charged particle beam weapons.
Subterrene machines are used to tunnel under the earth, without need of clean up of dirt and rock. The 2000 degree Fahrenheit heat disintegrates rock, glazes the walls of the tunnels.
In 1909, the US Calvery first discovered aliens and their flying saucers. They made a record of the find, which has been kept from the public.
Groom Lake is a CIA base.
Phil Schneider shot and killed two 7’ tall aliens, but not before one moved his hand over his own chest, which caused a blue beam to hit and burn Schneider.