Dec. 20, 2017

UN Vehicles Were Moved Into Chicago Last August 16, 2017; Chicago Commissioner Now Talking to UN

Remember, Six Years Ago Congress Passed Bill Giving Obama Kill Switch to Internet. As President of Shadow Govt., Will Obama Now Shut Down the Internet?

Remember, also, Obama and Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, set up UN Strong Cities Initiative in each of the 50 States of U.S., to federalize local police forces. As President of the Shadow Government, will Obama use UN Beasts to take control of US local police forces? Citizen in Arizona reported seeing, and videoed, a five-mile long train carrying UN vehicles. Will the UN begin the war on the US, joined by the Chinese troops stationed in 12 Chinese Military bases in Mexico. These bases were listed on NSA documents. There are also troops from Iran, Manchuria, Somalia, etc, stationed in Mexico. Read Ezekiel Ch. 38. God will bring all these troops onto the U.S. The Battle will be seen as lost, but God of Abraham’s angels will help Americans fight off this Lucifer-led attack, so the world will say that the God of Abraham is the True God of Creation. Americans are about to fight the Battle of Armageddon! May the God of Abraham have mercy on the United States, His Israelites.