Dec. 21, 2017

President Bill Clinton Ordered Bombing of Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City

Motive for ordering destruction of building was to destroy the medical records of US soldiers fighting in the Gulf War.
1. US gave Sadam Hussein, a CIA asset, two weapons to fight the Iranians:
A. Weaponized anthrax out of Ft. Detrick, Maryland
It was a small spore anthrax using an altered adjuvant protein code, making it more readily absorbed by the body.
B. Hawkeye 123 cluster bombs.
When Sadam attacked Kuwait the Saudis pressured US to stop Sadam, but the US had to keep secret that US DoD, Donald Rumsfeld, gave Iraq the weaponized anthrax. Vaccines against it were given in a 6 month regimen, but the US didn’t have the time. So, the pharmaceutical company brought it down to one vaccine, using an adjuvant that stimulates the immune system. However, soldiers were getting sick. They called it the Gulf War Syndrome.
U.S. soldiers were also exposed to Abram tanks blowing up Russian tanks, which caused fireballs that created new compound molecules, uranium oxide and dioxide. US soldiers were being radiated with Uranium that collected in their thyroid and sex organs, testes and ovaries. When they went home to families, they passed the radiation poison onto their wives’ ovaries. It caused birth defects for unknown number of generations. The US Govt would have to pay out trillions to the victims.
In 1996, Connecticut Rep. Chris Shay (R), Armed Services Committee, holding hearings on the Gulf War Syndrome, requested that the FBI bring the medical records of vets to Congress. At the hearing the DoD testified that 400,000 veteran medical records “had disappeared.”
The medical records had been housed in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, and were blown up by the CIA, using Timothy McVeigh as a patsy, just as Oswald had been used as a patsy in the CIA op that killed JFK.
There is a Shadow Govt. that has taken control of the US, with octopus tentacles, reaching in to pharmaceutical companies, the drug trade, etc. An example, the Tyson Foods refrigerator trucks carry drugs/cocaine. Janet Reno took drugs off a buss carrying the drugs for CIA, to give to her girlfriend. The Rose law firm laundered drug money through HUD.