Mar. 17, 2018

8 Million Kids Per Year Are Used in Satanic Rituals, Robert David Steele

Arnon Milchan and Yitzhak Rabin were in Dallas to observe the assassination of JFK for the State of Israel. Milchan was the trigger man when the CIA was into smuggling nuclear bombs into Israel. JFK was against Israel getting the nuclear bomb. Milchan was the theatrical producer of 9/11, having made two films showing planes flying into buildings.
Zionists influence U.S. economy, government, and society. Zionists are a subversion of the U.S., by the enemy within. Iran is not our enemy. Netanyahu told American Jewish progressives they will get nothing from Israel. For hundreds of years, records show that Zionists think the goyim and gentles are animals. Israel is a Shabbat supremacy cult. Zionists control the U.S. through bribery and blackmail. Jeff Epstein, a pedo enabler, is the poster child for how Israel controls and subverts the U.S. Courts, economy, and government. The AIPAC and ADL should be registered as foreign power agents. Zionists control through pay to play.
The Beruit Marine Corps barracks bombing was done by Israel, as a false flag, not Iran. Zionists inside the U.S. perimeter are our enemy, not Iran.
Sen. Sam Nunn (D, GA), stated that a President must understand the nation’s threat and have a Grand Strategy to counter it. Lt. Gen. Brent Scowcroft established the following Grand Strategy:
1) Poverty
2) Infectious Disease
3) Environmental Degradations
4) Insterstate Conflict
5) Civil War
6) Genocide
7) Atrocities, Human Sex Trafficking
8) Proliferation of Weapons
9) Terrorism
10) Transnational Crimes
Steele’s Advice:
Before anything can be changed, there must be election reform, such as getting rid of voting machines.
Trump should set up an open source truth channel. Trump should educate Americans weekly. End censoring by social media via anti-trust enforcement.
Steele states that Trump is contemplating taking corrupt funds from DoD and HUD and declare a Jubilee Year of forgiveness of $3 trillion debt of small business, family credit card, and student loan debt.
Steele stated, the UK Interpol, FBI, Judges, 18,000 law enforcement agencies across America are complicit and do nothing about the 8 million children who go missing every year. They are sex trafficked, killed in Satanic rituals, impregnated in order to abort fetuses to eat during the Satanic rituals, by the Deep State. The Deep State, who are looting all Americans, are above the Shadow government.